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What other students have said... 

“You didn’t just save our marriage, you gave us a gift that we can never repay. We are happier than we have ever been even before we first met. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Brian and Kelly Patterson
Omaha, NE

“We never knew this stuff or were ever taught this even after seeing 2 therapists and 2 marriage counselors – You made it so simple to understand and so simple to integrate and we can honestly say that after 2 years, our passion and love for each other still grows every day thanks to you!”

John and Debra Peterson
Seattle, WA

“Greg, I’m writing you today to extend you an invite to my wedding!!! How about that??!! After all the failed relationships and ridiculous dating stories, I never thought I would finally meet the man of my dreams and he was right there the whole time! I just never noticed him until I got clear on what I was after. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I owe you!

Carol Shelby
Tulsa, OK

“I can’t believe our relationship is where it is! You took us from being convinced that divorce was the only answer to a place neither one of us can even explain. We have so much understanding toward each other and can now talk about anything openly and honestly. Our passion and joy in our marriage has never been this good. You rock Greg!! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!

Shelly and Pete Simmons
Council Bluffs, IA

“Our breakthrough came when you told us about the differences between love and desire and the balance that must be maintained. We never knew what it was that caused us to lose our passion until we met with you. We now pursue it, and practice it religiously and I can NOT believe the intimacy we now have. We appreciate you more than you will ever know Greg. Thank you!

Tom and Kelsey Richmond
Bellevue, NE

Online Student Comments

I can NOT rave enough about this guide. I will admit I was skeptical not only about the course but the fact that it was online. The information tion was so simple! And online was actually so simple. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and the distraction of kids and life had drifted us apart. We tried a counselor to get back on track but it was always just us talking not really solving the core issues. Thank you so much Greg for this program!! Because of this guide we are like newlyweds again! You saved our marriage and brought that spark back!!

Sara K.  08/01/2018

This course taught me more than I have ever got from anywhere. Books, other programs, videos, coaches – this beats them all and gives you the practical stuff you have to do. This guy definitely knows what he’s talking about!

Janie Dreager  11/08/2018

This course is nothing short of amazing!! Wow! No one brings it together like this. You are just not taught this stuff anywhere else. The best value for your relationship, period. Everyone should take this no matter if you are in a relationship or not!!

Jack Gainey  09/25/2018

Dude! This course was awesome! I knew that my wife was the love of my life but since kids and careers, it just felt like we weren’t vibing or connecting anymore. There was just this sense of frustration. Thanks to this we are exchanging glances across the table and stealing kisses. The spark is back in our marriage! And as a guy you made it so simple!! Thanks!

Brian H.  11/08/2018

 All I can say is Amazing! Greg, you absolutely make this easy to do so thank you. Like nothing I have ever seen or have ever been explained like this. I will recommend to everyone!

Janie Braxton  10/01/2018

My daughter made me go through this after she did. My husband and I have been married for 40 years. Our kids our grown and gone and life revolves around grandkids. We are still working and with the kids gone, I found that we still hardly spent any quality time together. Most days just passing by. Until I went through this guide, I just kind of thought that was the way life was going to be. I’d heard friends say that’s just part of getting older! WRONG! My marriage has its spark back, we are carving out time for each other, having deeper conversations than we ever have. And it was so easy to go through even for this old lady who knows nothing about computers and technology. I thank my daughter for bringing this to me. And I recommend everyone and anyone DO THIS TODAY!

Kim L. 11/09/2018

I wish I had this program 20 years ago! This was by far and away the best training I have ever seen. I probably learned more about myself through this program than ever in my life. Thanks Greg.

Kevin Larkin 11/19/2018

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