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Executive Coaching through the io Group is your expedited path to taking your leadership and your business results to an entirely new level of performance.

We work from the (i)nside (o)ut and that starts with you, the leader.

Our coaching approach is insightful, robust, and practical.



The Inside Work

Positive and sustainable leadership growth cannot be separated from personal growth. Consequently, one of our core and fundamental practices is to help leaders to do the “inside work” for greater results in their “outside work”. This means building a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves, understanding the sources of that drive their needs and the needs of their teams, and building a foundation of greater strengths while identifying what may be getting in the way of them leading from a place of clarity, vulnerability and authenticity.

Leadership at its best, is a form of social influence that is based on trust and competence. Our coaching philosophy is founded on the premise that the great leaders know themselves and lead from a place of self-awareness, transparency, curiosity, and vision.

Our Clients

“Greg, your help with our company has been invaluable. If I knew it was this transformative, you could have charged me ten times what you did (only partially kidding). Our growth and profits have exploded, our turn over is at 3.7% as compared to 32% when you first came onboard. We have more incredible ideas that are incubated and innovated from our own staff and my management team has never been more cohesive and it just continues to get better. Our culture is finally what I envisioned 22 years ago… I only wish we met sooner! Thank you for your help.”

Carl Justice
President and CEO, CRJ Financial Services Ltd.

“When you first consulted us, I thought you might be crazy! I never thought of strategy like you outlined and certainly never thought to integrate it on a daily basis. Our entire business model has been forever changed and the results speak for themselves + 200% growth in two years with even higher operating leverage and employee NPS at 80!!. Thank you for pushing us out of our own boundaries and limitations.”

Bobby Randolph
Chief Executive Officer, BAI Systems Inc.

“There are very few people that make a lasting impact on your personal and professional growth, and Greg is truly one of those leaders. He takes a genuine interest in people and developing their long-term success. Under Greg, we were able to transform the culture and outlook of an entire organization, accelerating business performance while improving the lives of the employees. Greg is a master at understanding and enabling your greatest competitive advantage, your people.”

David Cathey
Chief Operating Officer, Questline, Inc.

”Greg’s leadership coaching is invaluable training for any executive who is gutsy enough to find out their own weaknesses and develop the right skills that are not taught in business today or in school”

Karl Dyer
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, HI Systems, Inc.

”What Greg teaches is powerful but more impressive is how he does it. He has this innate ability to get you to a place of clarity and see things you never did before in yourself or in your business is like no other individual I have met”

Samuel Smothers
President and Chief. Executive Officer, Highland Capital, Inc.

As a coach, we act as a catalyst for leaders so they become more mindful of themselves and others, learn the right skills needed to develop, and obtain the right self-confidence to become truly effective. As a result, leaders are then able to identify gaps more readily and unbiasedly to help themselves all while influencing their teams to interact more authentically in ways that enhance vulnerability-based trust, aliveness, collective problem-solving, and aligned, committed action.

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