What is Organizational Health?

Organizational Health is about making a company function effectively by mastering 4 disciplines:


Why Organizational Health?  


We believe that Organization Health trumps everything else in business because it surpasses all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement, sustainability, and competitive advantage.  

The smartest organizations in the world, the ones that have mastered the sciences of strategy, finance, technology and marketing, etc.; and even the ones that have the best and brightest executive teams will eventually fail if they are unhealthy.  A healthy organization will always find a way to succeed, because it operates without politics and confusion.  When politics and confusion are absent in an organization, the organization and collective individuals and leaders in that organization become inevitably smarter because it can tap into, as well as, utilize every bit of intelligence and talent it has.  As a result, healthy companies are better positioned to outperform their competitors because they replace the challenges of politics and confusion with cohesion and clarity.   This in turn, creates better teamwork, team commitment and accountability, better employee engagement, higher degrees of moral and productivity and more satisfied customers/clients/patients alike. 

Bottom line:  Becoming healthier maximizes your intelligence and your results. 

Our Clients

“Greg, your help with our company has been invaluable. If I knew it was this transformative, you could have charged me ten times what you did (only partially kidding). Our growth and profits have exploded, our turn over is at 3.7% as compared to 32% when you first came onboard. We have more incredible ideas that are incubated and innovated from our own staff and my management team has never been more cohesive and it just continues to get better. Our culture is finally what I envisioned 22 years ago… I only wish we met sooner! Thank you for your help.”

Carl Justice
President and CEO, CRJ Financial Services Ltd.

“When you first consulted us, I thought you might be crazy! I never thought of strategy like you outlined and certainly never thought to integrate it on a daily basis. Our entire business model has been forever changed and the results speak for themselves + 200% growth in two years with even higher operating leverage and employee NPS at 80!!. Thank you for pushing us out of our own boundaries and limitations.”

Bobby Randolph
Chief Executive Officer, BAI Systems Inc.

“There are very few people that make a lasting impact on your personal and professional growth, and Greg is truly one of those leaders. He takes a genuine interest in people and developing their long-term success. Under Greg, we were able to transform the culture and outlook of an entire organization, accelerating business performance while improving the lives of the employees. Greg is a master at understanding and enabling your greatest competitive advantage, your people.”

David Cathey
Chief Operating Officer, Questline, Inc.

Why io Group?

Extraordinary companies are not created by accident, they are created with intention through courage, consistent practice and persistence.  No one begins great, they learn to become it and we can help you get there. 

Everything we do is practical (not academic), relevant (not touchy feely), and fast (never slow or boring) and you’ll never get anything gimmicky from us.  Let us help you build a healthy organization.

Dedicated Experts…

We are proud members of the professional network of Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group – CAPAPro (Consultant and Practitioner Alliance), a network of esteemed professionals dedicated to making the world of work healthier, more engaging, and effective.  As a member of CapaPro, we receive ongoing, exclusive professional development, tools and training directly from Pat Lencioni and his team at the Table Group about how best to help clients utilize their proven approach to achieve organizational health.


Our work transcends across industries and companies and works in every business, no matter if you are big, small or anywhere in between and our success is affirmed.  We coach and empower leaders to see and make choices more consciously while navigating the balance between attending to their own needs and vision, the needs of their organization and the needs of those they lead.


We Help:

  • Teams overcome the dysfunctions that impede performance and optimize cohesion
  • Managers improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Organizations create clarity that minimizes politics and confusion and maximizes alignment
  • Leaders become more effective

Ready for a new perspective on business?

Exceptional companies, the ones that seem to defy all odds and set the standard not only in their own industry but have inspired others, think and behave differently. They look at strategy through an entirely different lens and execute their business in a radically different way.

Running a business takes effort but growing a business takes perspective.  No matter if you are a global enterprise or a small start-up, understanding what, how, when and where to focus your time, energy and resources is critical to taking your business to the next level.

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