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No one has ever handed me a how-to guide for building an extraordinary relationship and I’m guessing that you haven’t received one either.  After a failed marriage, many difficult and even dark times, and spending over a decade studying human behavior and couples, I began to discover a different perspective about relationships. One of the things I noticed about extraordinary relationships is they all shared three common attributes.  They were all pursued (some more than others), the best ones were practiced and the extraordinary ones were protected so they would last a lifetime.  But maybe the largest lesson I learned is relationships of every kind begins with you.  If you want your relationship to be better then as I learned, you have to be better.

After coaching dozens and dozens of couples with incredible success who were either on the brink of divorce, separated, single and dating, not dating at all to just married to being married for 40 years, I found there are very common challenges that nearly all individuals face in their relationship and how those challenges affect and influence their relationships. But I also found three common principles that extraordinary relationships share that rarely run into these challenges or when they do, they are greatly minimized and quickly overcome.

The program I have developed capitalizes on these three simple but powerful principles to help others to find pure joy in a relationship and find happiness where they couldn’t see it before, understand how to reach fulfillment, regain and sustain passion and intimacy, create vibrancy and playfulness in their relationship, and quite possibly the best thing, how to have it for a lifetime. The real surprising revelation that I found is, it didn’t matter where these individuals were personally or what shape their relationship was in, it got better… a lot better!  Some relationships were in great shape looking to become more and some were in a desperate circumstance and some were in between.  So no matter where you are at today, I believe you will find true value in understanding what you can do to help any relationship regardless of where you think you are.

If you have ever wanted to create absolute clarity for yourself, find that extraordinary partner, or create the relationship of your dreams no matter if you are in one currently or looking for one; this can help. If you want a step by step program to guide you through how to create an EXTRAORDINARY RELATIONSHIP with your current or future partner with the right tools, strategies, and practices, and more, then you have come to the right place.

Course Preview

What You’ll Learn

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to gain out of this program


Learn how to develop absolute clarity on what it is you desire most and why that matters


Learn the differences between creating love and creating the desire in a relationship and how to feed them both


Learn what it feels like to be known and understood by your partner


Learn how you develop better dialogue and authentic communication with your partner in the relationship without fear


Learn how to develop your vulnerabilities into strengths and become fully present in your relationship without a lot of effort


Learn how to develop a compelling vision for your relationship that you and your partner can commit to


Learn the mindset it takes to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship


Learn how to let go of past hurts and stop filtering your current relationship through your past ones


Learn how to deal with those little resistances you feel in the relationship from time to time


Learn how to find a new appreciation for your partner and meet your partner’s emotional needs


Learn how you and your partner want to receive and give love to one another to create new places of understanding, joy, and happiness


Learn the daily, weekly and monthly strategies that keep your relationship moving forward and on track toward your desired goals and aspirations


Learn how to measure your relationship so you both can see where it is improving and what you need to work on


Learn how to create authenticity, courage, and commitment in your relationship that will protect it


Learn how to have the critical conversations about the relationship without blame or judgment toward your partner


Learn how to re-establish passion, intimacy, and vibrancy in your relationship again


Learn what to work on exactly in your relationship that gets your partner’s support


Learn how to master the emotional rollercoaster


And so, so, so much more…


Praise for the Relationship Mastery Guide

“You didn’t just save our marriage, you gave us a gift that we can never repay. We are happier than we have ever been even before we first met. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Brian and Kelly Patterson

Omaha, NE

“We never knew this stuff or were ever taught this even after seeing 2 therapists and 2 marriage counselors – You made it so simple to understand and so simple to integrate and we can honestly say that after 2 years, our passion and love for each other still grows every day thanks to you!”

John and Debra Peterson

Seattle, WA

“Greg, I’m writing you today to extend you an invite to my wedding!!! How about that??!! After all the failed relationships and ridiculous dating stories, I never thought I would finally meet the man of my dreams and he was right there the whole time! I just never noticed him until I got clear on what I was after. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I owe you!”

Carol Shelby

Tulsa, OK

“I can’t believe our relationship is where it is! You took us from being convinced that divorce was the only answer to a place neither one of us can even explain. We have so much understanding toward each other and can now talk about anything openly and honestly. Our passion and joy in our marriage has never been this good. You rock Greg!! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!

Shelly and Pete Simmons

Council Bluffs, IA

“Our breakthrough came when you told us about the differences between love and desire and the balance that must be maintained. We never knew what it was that caused us to lose our passion until we met with you. We now pursue it and practice it religiously and I can NOT believe the intimacy we now have. I appreciate you more than you will ever know Greg. Thank you!

Tom and Kelsey Richmond

Bellevue, NE

Why Sign Up?

Ask yourself this…

How much time, effort and dollars do you spend on your relationship today in total?

How much time, effort and dollars have you already spent and what do you really have?

How much do you spend in terms of emotional worry, stress or anxiety about your relationship?

What would it mean to you to create the relationship of your dreams?

What would it mean for your kids to have an incredible role model for success?

What would it mean for you to have true happiness with someone and find the love that you always imagined?

What would it mean to heal your past hurts and find true forgiveness with yourself and your partner?

What would it mean to your relationship to make an investment that will go with you for the rest of your life?

How much would ALL of this mean to you?

Life is the quality of your relationships and the quality of your relationships really is the quality of your life.  I know you are different than most or you wouldn’t have read this far and you wouldn’t be here.

Most people try to “wing” it through their relationships and their strategy is “hope”.  They hope it turns out okay and if not, maybe we’ll try and get help.. Really?  Why not get educated before you have the problems, before you encounter the challenges before you feel the resistances?  Being prepared with the right information, the best strategies, the most practical techniques to help you get where you want to go in your relationship, and the wisdom to overcome the challenges you will face is time worth spent.  This course isn’t just designed to be a countermeasure to the challenges everyone faces in their relationship, it is also designed to eliminate those challenges altogether.

You won’t find a better, more practical, and relevant education out there.  If you really want to learn how you take yourself to another level and take your part in a relationship seriously what you will learn here will save you years of learning in a few short hours.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you will receive this entire program for life for only $197.00 which is 50% OFF THE ONLINE RATE! and if you like, I will break up the payments into 3 equal installments if it is easier for you.

Are you ready to take your relationship to a whole new place? Are you ready to rewrite your love story?
Click below and let’s begin to build the relationship of your dreams!
I’ll see you on the inside!


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