Healthy Organizations

Healthy Organizations have a distinct advantage over all others because they replace politics and confusion with cohesion and clarity.


Extraordinary Relationships

Extraordinary relationships don’t interrupt you, they are pursued, practiced, and protected – they are an intentional decision…

iO Group: Helping organizations and relationships transform from the (I)nside (O)ut.

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“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

– Patrick Lencioni

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Why Choose the io Group?

Our Vision is to be your trusted resource in providing insight and expert training that is practical and relevant to the health and success of your business and relationships.

Our Services

Business Consulting

Learn how fast it really is to transform your business, your leadership and the teams you lead by becoming healthy. We help CEO’s and their teams create more successful organizations, cohesive teams and engaged employees regardless of your size, scale, culture, market or industry.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching through the io Group is your expedited path to taking your leadership and your business results to an entirely new level of performance.
We work from the (i)nside (o)ut and that starts with you, the leader.  Our coaching approach is insightful, robust, and practical.

Greg Ablett, Inside Out Group Founder

About io Group

As President and CEO of the io Group and member of the professional network of Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group, Greg serves as a business consultant and coach to CEOs and their executive teams that want to make their organization more effective and less dysfunctional. His approach to creating healthy organizations is practical (not academic) relevant (not soft or touchy-feely) and fast (never slow or boring). His work has led to real transformational change in executives and companies; transforming their teams to be stronger, clearer, and more aligned around what they are trying to get done while improving their culture through better management, meetings, and communication.

Greg also serves as a relationship strategist and coach to individuals and couples who want the most out of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

We believe that our ability to reach our fullest potential, reach exceptional levels of leadership, create incredible companies or develop extraordinary relationships starts with the study and mastery of ourselves.

Today however, it is still the least studied and practiced of all the skills needed to reach the pinnacle of success. Any change, growth, contribution or journey to greatness in any form begins from the (I)nside (O)ut.

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